The heart of any digital recording system on a mobile platform is the device that the video cameras, microphones, GPS antenna, and any other sensors connect to.

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There are literally thousands of cameras on the market, they come in every color, shape, and size imaginable. We have tested hundreds ourself and we offer the best quality at the best price.

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Video Software

The ability to look at the recorded video should be made easy enough for the administrator to effectively locate and isolate important video events

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Mobile Server with Wireless Access

With a Mobile Server and wireless access, your MDVR will send recorded event video automatically to the server wirelessly, thereby making data retrevial hands free.

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What will owning a Mobile Video Solution do for me?
The video system is used to deter assaults, theft and vandalism, protect the authority from fraudulent claims, and to provide law enforcement with critical video that can help quickly identify and prosecute criminals, thus limiting your liablitly..