• H.264 Compression
  • Built-in GPS Module With Google Maps Live Updating (SiRF Star 3)
  • Interlocked Network and Playback with Google Maps
  • Built in Verizon Mobile Card (3/4G remote viewing)
  • Support 3/4GWireless Modem and/or Wi-Fi Connection (USB type)
  • Selectable Remote Network Backup via WIFI or Ethernet
  • Recording Performance: 240ips@CIF/120ips@2CIF/60ips@D1
  • Storage Capacity: 2 SD or 2CF Cards + One Removable 2.5inch HDD
  • Support SDHC (up to 32GB per slot), HDD (up to 2TB) and Solid State Hard Drives
  • Hot Swapping Support by Load/Eject Button.
  • Support External USB Storage Connection (Configurable for Recording, Mirroring or Event Backup)
  • Multi Resolution Recording/Smooth Reverse Playback/ Various Search Methods
  • Pentaplex Multiple Operation (Record, Playback, Network, Copy, Mirroring)
  • G-force Sensor 3-Axis Accelerometer Sensor
  • Emergency/Panic Recording by Sensor or Manual Event Button
  • Over Speed Indication
  • Panic Stop Indication
  • Quick Acceleration Indication
  • Fully Featured Dedicated Viewer & Central Managing Software (Touch screen or mouse operation Available)
  • External Module or Interface Support
  • Remote Controlling using IR or RS-485
  • Operation Temperature (Ambient Temp.:-4/140 F, - 20/60C)
  • OS : Embedded Linux (2.6)
  • CE/FCC/E-mark (class B) Certificated

  • 4 Ch or 8 Ch Video Inputs
  • 4 Ch Microphone Inputs
  • 4 Ch Discreet Inputs (Brakes, Turn Signals, Event Button
  • Sensor Box Module (32 Sensors and 8 Relays)
  • Support 3/4GWireless Modem and/or Wi-Fi Connection (USB type)
  • VGA Monitor Output
  • Composite Monitor Output
  • GPS Antenna
  • Audio Output
  • +12Vdc to +35Vdc
  • Ethernet Connection
  • 4 USB (2 Front 2 rear)
  • 3 Amp Aux Power

  • MDVR Lockbox

    Available for both the 4 camera and 8 camera systems.

    Protect your investment from vandalism and unauthorized media access.

  • Key Lock
  • Tamper Proof
  • Protects MDVR Drives
  • Provides Access to all MDVR Connections
  • Can be installed Vertically or Horizontally